Welcome to our Wicked Cool Candle Company page.

This was our original starting point in building the Wicked Cool Companies brand.

We make our own scented candles and wax melts. Our goal with every fragrance we offer is to test and ensure it allows for amazing scent throw in different rooms. After all, what good is a scented candle if you have to sit right next to it in order to appreciate it!

We offer our handpoured, double wicked travel tin candles, square mason jar candles and highly fragranced wax melts. We make sure to provide you with advice on proper usage and burning techniques to ensure you have the best user experience when using one of our scented products.

These items are customer favorites, so if you are new to the Wicked Cool Companies brand, give us chance and choose your favorite fragrance.

Wicked Cool Candles – They Just Make Scents!