Banana Nut Bread

Warm, Sweet bananas combined with vanilla and Walnuts.

Cinnamon Styx

Sweet, spicy cinnamon sticks straight from the spice bottle.

Clean Cotton

(WAX MELTS ONLY)Bed sheets and blue jeans pulled straight from the laundry, still warm and fragrant with strong notes of that dryer sheet freshness so many of us love.

Coconut Lime

A tropical Classic of milky coconut and the tart zest of lime juice.

Creme Brulee

A creamy vanilla custard with hints of caramelized sugar.

Cucumber Honeydew

Fresh green slices of cucumber underscored with sweet honeydew melon.


An icy cool blast of peppermint. A real nose tingler!

Fluffy Marshmallow

Soft, sweet marshmallows right out of the bag


A sweet, romantic, white floral. A traditional southern favorite for years!

Harbor Mist

The tangy scent of seawater on a cool, foggy afternoon.

Hippy Daze

Haight Ashbury revisited! Good old Patchouli with its heady, woodsy aroma. You will wanna to go tye dye some old t-shirts and say “groovy, man” Well….sort of. OK. Maybe not.

Homemade Gingerbread

Warm spice notes wrapped up in a ribbon of honeyed sweetness makes our gingerbread a blue ribbon winner!


A classic true Honeysuckle!


An exotic floral, like the sultry, aromatic night air of Key West; lying barefoot in a hammock, palm fronds rustling in the ocean breeze, and no need to worry about going to work.


Wild and pungent, this is the lavender which will steal both your nose and your heart!


The heady perfume of a basket of freshly plucked Lilac blossoms.

Lime Cooler

A zingy citrus mix of lime and orange with a base note of vanilla. The first whiff reminds you of a lime popsicle or a lime Tootsie Roll. It will make you think of childhood summers.


(Soap Only) – is a soft, powdery, discrete and very intimate fragrance, announced as ‘silky white amber’. It possesses an elegance characteristic of classic fragrances. It opens with soft citruses (nectarine and bergamot) and woody (rosewood) notes, with a touch of lavender, which is very discrete and not at all sharp. The fragrance develops further with notes of apple martini, white daffodil and orchid. The base unites white amber, cedar, woody notes and white musk.

MacDaddy Apple

This is the best Macintosh apple fragrance we have ever smelled. If you like the smell of fresh apples, you must try this one.

Macintosh & Maple

Sweet, ripe apples laced with maple.

Mediterranean Breeze

This unique scent combines ripe fig with touches of lily, violet, and jasmine to give it a slightly floral throw.

Midnight Blue

A fragrance of delightful contrasts. This masculine scent includes vanilla, caramelized sugar, licorice, lavender, patchouli, bergamot, coriander, and cedar. It is strong and clean!


A strong pine forest scent which seems to be in demand all year long.

Much ado about Mulberry

A longtime favorite of candle lovers everywhere; our juicy sweet mulberry is sure to please.

Oh, Baby!

This true baby powder fragrance is strong enough to knock your baby blue booties off!

Pink Sugar

It’s like a warm cotton candy hug for your living room. Yum!

Puddle Jumping

A sweet rainwater scent that has become wildly popular.

Pumpkin Spice

A nice blend of pumpkin, clove, and nutmeg.

Sage & Citrus

With strong splashes of lime and grapefruit dancing through the more pungent notes of sage, this scent appeals to everyone. It is our top seller!

Seedless Watermelon

Remember biting into chilled, ripe, red fruit and letting the sweet juice trickle down your chin?

Sex on the Beach

A flirty mix of pineapple, orange, and cranberries with just a touch of peach schnapps. The perfect fruity blend for Spring and Summer.

Smitten Kitten

A bright blend of cherry blossom, apple, peach, hydrangea, and notes of blonde wood make this a favorite fragrance all year round. (This is a dupe of the ever-popular LoveSpell).

Spiced Apple

(WAX MELTS ONLY) – Macintosh apples blended with nutmeg and clove to give your home that “holiday” feel all year long.

Spiced Cranberry

Bright notes of cranberry fruit laced with cinnamon. This scent can be used in the house throughout the year and makes a great choice if you are looking to give a candle as a gift.

Strawberry Jam

A luscious scoop of warm strawberries in every whiff. You will find yourself craving toast and jam for breakfast.

Summer Citrus

Things that go zing! This lively citrus bouquet of sweet mangosteen, pink grapefruit and a dash of peach.

The Eliminator

Say it out loud with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and then enjoy the lemony freshness with a hint of citronella. This odor eliminator really works!

Zucchini Bread

The scent of warm zucchini bread right out of the oven.